'The music department at Goshen College is dedicated to the cultivation of excellence in the areas of musical performance, pedagogy and scholarship. As a ministry of the Mennonite Church, we believe musical expression is a human manifestation of the divine impulse and, as such, serves as a window into the individual soul, a bridge between human beings and a means of corporate religious experience. Music department course descriptions and requirements of Goshen College.', 'meta_keywords' => 'music major,piano pedagogy,music in worship,church music,Music department course descriptions and requirements of Goshen College', 'meta_title' => "$name | $department Department", 'meta_title2' => ' - Goshen College', 'title' => "$department Department Faculty", 'subtitle' => $name)); ?> displayURL("http://gconline.goshen.edu/public/prod/course_catalog/bin/faculty-personal2.php?GC_id=$uid"); ?>

Organ, Keyboard Theory, Fine Arts for Children

A member of the Goshen College music department since 1997, Christine Thogersen has taught a variety of courses: Fine Arts for Children, Keyboard Theory, Foundations of Music Theory, applied organ and piano, among others. She also teaches applied piano and organ in the Goshen College Community School of the Arts.

Christine came to Goshen from Berlin, Germany where she received her Church Music Degree from the Berliner Kirchenmusikschule after completing her B-Exam (1992). In Berlin she served as a Lutheran church organist and choir director. Prior to living in Berlin, Christine completed her Masters in Music Education at Illinois State University (1981). At ISU she also taught children at the University Laboratory Schools as well as courses in the Music Department. Christine is a 1975 graduate of Goshen College, where she received a B.A. in music. Christine has one daughter, Sara, now living in Berlin, Germany.

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