some ways to cultivate creativity

1.  Aloneness (removal from stimuli)
2.  Inactivity (give time to do nothing)
3.  Daydreaming (a source of fantasy life)
4.  Free Thinking (suspension of control)
             (puts one in state of “similarities catching”)
6.  Gullibility  (suspension of judgment)
7.  Remember trauma (inner replay)
8.  Alertness (heightened awareness)
9.  Disciplined productivity 
           (have commitment - practice skills)
from psychiatrist and psychoanalyst  --  Arieti, Silvano. 
"Dynamics of Creativity" 
MD (journal),  September, 1977, pp 13-16
"The creative mind integrates the primitive, or whatever is archaic, obsolete, or off the beaten path, with normal logical processes in what seems a 'magic synthesis' from which the new, the unexpected, and the desirable emerge." - p13

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