Albert Rothenberg’s results of
Word Association Using 99 Words

12 Nobel Laureates Chemistry, Physics, and Medicine 
(in 1.1 seconds average response time)
60 % opposite word responses
25 % non-opposite word responses

18 Mental Patients (in 1.75 seconds - average response time)
38 % opposite words
22 % non-opposite words

113 Yale University Students
High creative students (in 1.3 sec. average response time)
50 % opposite words
27 % non-opposite words
Minimally creative students (1.57 s.)
40 % opposite words
28 % non-opposite words

Taken from Albert Rothenberg’s work as reported by:  Kotulak, Ronald “Word Association Test Used to Spot Creative Genius.”  Chicago Tribune.  Oct 2, 1983     

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