Problems often faced by 
Highly Creative Children
in the Classroom
1. Intelligent children are liked more by teachers
2. Factual material is easier to test
3. They threaten teacher’s ideas
4. We lack a reward system for creative 
5. Nearly no individualized learning opportunities
6. There is little encouragement for curiosity
7. School is no place for silly
8. They are seen as deviant
9. Things are too easy or too hard
10. Some lack social skills and/or verbal skills

This list was assembled by a subgroup of students in a an eight week graduate seminar on creativity at the U. of Kansas in the late 1960's under the direction of Dr. Phil Rueschhoff.  I was a participant in the seminar, but not part of the group that assembled this list.  I share it from my notes with apologies for inadequate documentation.
 - Marvin Bartel

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updated 29 February 2004

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