Hint #3 - Placing Cones

When building kilns, I extend a shelf into the interior of the kiln at each peep hole. It provides a small shelf on which to place the cone pack. It is a soft brick kiln, but the cone shelf is hard brick for durability.
Here is a typical set of glaze firing cones.  Notice the clay has holes poked in the thick areas to prevent steam explosions.  The 07 is used to begin body reduction.  Note the spoon shaped container to catch the molten cone 07 (the white one in this photo).

This kiln has been tiled with one inch fiber insulation on the inside walls.  These pieces of fiber blanket are pinned with ceramic spikes inserted with Sairset kiln mortar in holes drilled in the kiln walls.  The spikes are made of 3 parts kyonite and 1 part ball clay pre fired to cone 10.  The fiber tile shrinks leaving gaps, but it still provides insulation. 

I do not tile the kiln top because fiber tends to fall off into ware.  mb

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