Bulk Loading Film  © Marvin Bartel, 1998

    • Reusable film cassette
    • Plastic film storage box 
    • Scissors
    • Bulk loader with film desired
    • Tape 
    • Bulk loader crank
    • Felt tip for labeling
    • Black plastic
    Step 1 
    • You do not need to be in the dark - dim the light.
    • Burnish a piece of tape, sticky side up, to the bottom surface of the film protruding from the bulk loader. 
    • Be careful not to pull extra film out. It is ruined by light.
    Step 2 
    • Wrap the tape around the spool
    • The long end of spool must be to left when film is pointing away from you as shown here.
    Step 3 
    • After bringing the tape around the spool, burnish the other end of the tape to the top of the film.
    • Do this without pulling film out of the bulk loader.
    Step 4 
    • Assemble the cassette over the spool.
    • Be sure the flat area is up.
    • Check the end caps carefully to be sure they are secure.
    Step 5 
    • Push the cassette toward the bulk loader until the crank can enter the hole on the right
    • The crank must be all the way in.
    Step 6 
    • Close the small door on the bulk loader (on a new bulk loader the door has to be closed before the crank enters).
    • Cover the crack at the top with opaque black plastic.
    Step 7 
    • Turn the crank in a clockwise direction.
    • Count the turns following the chart on the bulk loader (21 revolutions makes 20 exposures).
    Step 8 
    • Take out the crank
    • Open the door
    • Pull 4 inches out of bulk loader
    • Cut film near bulk loader
    Step 9 
    • Trim and label the leader.
    • Put it in the camera or in a light tight film box.
    • Put everything in its proper place for next time.
    The above photos were produced with a Kodak Digital 120 camera. 
    © Marvin Bartel, 1998
    Important - If the bulk loader runs out of film, place a note on the instructor's door, or otherwise notify immediately.
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