Making Gray Cards
How are they made?
I make gray cards using flat wall paint from Walmart.  I have the store mix a quart of Color Place brand Flat Wall accent base #5053 to color #4301. They call it "Slate Grey". One quart will make about 100 8x10 inch grey cards by painting pieces of matt board or other scap.

How do you get the right gray?

There are some gray matt board materials that can be used without painting. When selecting a paint or matt board. I use a light meter and I compare the gray I select or create with that of a commercial gray card. The samples need to be checked to be sure they are comparable in various types of light. Some grays are too warm or cool and may give a different results from different light sources.

But why?

If you are a teacher, and you want all your students to learn how to use them, it is cheaper to make them in quantity than to buy them. A student assistant can make them and get paid. They come much less than you have to pay for the real thing.

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