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Always raise with the right hand at about the 4 or 5 o:clock position. Never hold your hand at the 2 or 3 o:clock position. 

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In this position the right wrist is against the potter's body.
Contact with the clay is at the 5 o:clock position.
Proping the thumb helps the hands work in unison.

If the clay tears off, try again with slightly less pressure.
If the piece does not get taller, try again with more pressure.
If you stop the upward motion, it may tear off unless you also release pressure.
If it is not wet enough, it may tear off.
If you get wobble, brace against body to hold it still.
To staighten a wobble, use a "false raise".
A false raise is the same as a raise, but is very wet, very steady (no hand wiggle), but no real pressure that would raise it.