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Marvin Bartel

I want to thank a friend and colleague from the Goshen College Music Faculty, Lon Sherer, for being a pest. When I didn't have time to make enough pots, he kept asking me when I was going to start learning HTML and authoring web pages. Lon also put up with me when I finally audited his web authoring course several years ago. Lon Sherer also wrote a wonderfully inspiring little book, Practicing: A Liturgy of Self Learning, see end note  which I recommend to anybody who enjoys mastering new skills.

The pages in this program were nearly all produced using Netscape Composer. The 2005 update of this page is being done with Dreamweaver. The cover page was produced using Macromedia Fireworks. Photographs were sized, sharpened, and text added using Adobe PhotoShop. 

The pottery shown is done on a Brent CXC wheel in use since the early 1970's. The photographs were made with a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera. The computer work was done with a Sony Viao desktop system. This page is being updated on a Mac Powerbook.

As author, I take the blame for the page design, photo editing, and so on. I did all the photography except the picture of me.  I cropped the mug shot out of a group shot taken by Lyle Miller, of the Goshen College, Public Relations Department.

As part of my graduate work at the University of Kansas, I developed several self instructional programmed booklets used in beginning ceramics classes to learn about the topics of clay and stacking and firing kilns. These are out-of-print, but they represent the sort of automated self instruction that is now more appropriately done with a computer. Some time ago, I also produced a large set of photographs showing throwing from the potter's point of view. These were mounted and displayed in my ceramics classroom for several years for students to use as learning helps.

Exciting NEXT STEPS!
In August of 2005 a videographer and I, using three video cameras, made new footage for the next version of Learning to Throw. It will be released as an interactive DVD. It is now being edited. The DVD version allows you to see me doing the steps while you hear me explain how I am doing each step. Additionally, you will see the problems learners face, with video clip solutions following each problem. You will be able to select any particular portion of the tutorial for repeated viewing and study.

Watch this web site for the announcement of the upcoming interactive menu driven release of Learning to Throw on DVD. Your comments and suggestions for this site are always welcome.

Contact me with with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

To see my pottery and other work please visit

End note:  Sherer, Lon. Practicing: A Liturgy of Self Learning. 1988. Pinch Penny Press, Goshen College, Goshen, IN. p.

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"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Have me do it and I understand."
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