white oak fireplace

This tile was designed, and produced by Marvin Bartel especially for a home near Topeka, Kansas, in 2003. The homeowner designed and crafted the quarter sawn white oak woodwork in this room.  The homeowner also did the tile installation according instructions provided by Bartel.  Each tile, being a unique shape and color, is delivered with a small numbered sticker indicating its location in the overall design.  The installer receives a numbered photograph of the tile to indicate each tile placement.


Hearth Tile

White oak leaves
are impressed
in the clay for 
relief decoration

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A tile mural is in the same room

Detail of Hearth

Detail of Face Tile

face detail

    Contact the artist, Marvin Bartel.  Describe your needs, send a photo of your location, and get a free quotation based on the size of your job.  This is stoneware tile of timeless beauty.  It is uniquely designed and produced according to your personal identity needs or for your unique setting.  The tile is formed from Bartel's original blend of clays from mines in Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, and several other locations. The tile and glazes are fired to over 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit making them among the most permanent materials and colors known.

    I am now taking orders for next year's production.

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