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Updated 1/12/2004


I decided to compact this site a little bit, and added two new ships: Billing Boats' "Marie Jeanne", and my first scratch-built effort, the sloop "Margaretha." There are also two new plastic models - the "Fire Fighter" by Revell, and Lindberg's "Diesel Tug."

Here are some of my toys to date


Krabbe Tön, Colin Archer, Canute, Nordkap, Bruma, Kate Cory, Willie L. Bennett, Bodasteinur, Artitec Models, Fire Fighter, Diesel Tug, Marie Jeanne, Margaretha



Krabbe Tön - Graupner kit 1:25 scale, started sometime in 1985

and finished by my brother Martin Stegmann in 1986

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Tön1, Tön2, Tön3, Tön4, Tön5, Tön6, Tön7, Tön8, Tön9, Tön10




Colin Archer - Billing Boats kit 1:15 scale, built summer 1997; still under construction

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Colin1, Colin2, Colin3, Colin4, Colin5, Colin6, Colin7




Canute - Billing Boats kit 1:50 scale, built 1998

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Canute1, Canute2, Canute3, Canute4 Canute5 Canute6 Canute7




Nordkap - Billing Boats kit 1:50 scale, built 1998

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Nordkap1, Nordkap2, Nordkap3, Nordkap4, Nordkap5, Nordkap6, Nordkap7




Bruma - Mantua/Panart kit 1:43 scale, finished 1999

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Bruma1, Bruma2, Bruma3, Bruma4, Bruma5, Bruma6, Bruma7,




Kate Cory - Model Shipways kit 1:64 scale, built 1999

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Kate1, Kate2, Kate3, Kate4, Kate5, Kate6, Kate7, Kate8, Kate9, Kate10, Kate11, Kate12, Kate13




Willie L. Bennett - Model Shipways kit 1:32 scale, built 1999

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Willie1, Willie2, Willie3, Willie4, Willie5, Willie6, Willie7,




Bodasteinur - Heller kit 1:200 scale, built 1999

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Bodasteinur1, Bodasteinur2, Bodasteinur3, Bodasteinur4, Bodasteinur5,




Some Artitec HO scale models, built sometime around 2000 and 2001

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Launch1, Launch2, Launch3, Tug1, Tug2, Tug3, Tjalk1, Tjalk2, Tjalk3, Tjalk4




Fire Fighter - Revell kit 1:87 scale, finished 2003

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Fire Fighter1, Fire Fighter2, Fire Fighter3, Fire Fighter4, Fire Fighter5, Fire Fighter6, Fire Fighter7,




Diesel Tug - Lindberg kit 1:87 scale, finished 2003

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Tug1, Tug2, Tug3, Tug4, Tug5,




Marie Jeanne - Billing Boats kit 1:50 scale, finished 2004

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MarieJeanne1, MarieJeanne2, MarieJeanne3, MarieJeanne4, MarieJeanne5, MarieJeanne6, MarieJeanne7




Margaretha - scratch-built 1:50 scale, finished 2004

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Marge1, Marge2, Marge3, Marge4, Marge5, Marge6, Marge7, Marge8, Marge9, Marge10, Marge11, Marge12, Marge13,




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