Central Recording

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The Music Center houses a "state of the art" digital recording facility that can record from all the halls (Sauder, Rieth, Choral and Instrumental rehearsal and the percussion room).

The center piece of the control room is the Panasonic DA7 digital mixing console. Program is recorded to a ProTools (HD 192) equipped G5 PowerMac. Other equipment includes two BENCHMARK MPS-400 (4 channel) mic preamps, an APHEX eight channel digital mic preamp, and a variety of other recording and source gear.

The director of Central Recording, and recording engineer in charge is Matthias Stegmann , who has been on the music faculty since 1994, teaching classcial guitar. In 1998 he was appointed departmental recording engineer in addition to his teaching duties.

Microphones available at this time

Neumann 1 U87
Neumann 2 KM184
Neumann 2 TLM193
Shure 2 KSM44
Shure 6 SM81
Shure 3 VP88
Shure 1 Beta87
Shure 6 Beta58
Shure 6 Beta57
Shure 4 Beta56
Shure 1 Beta52
AKG 2 C1000S
Audio Technica 2 AT825
Audio Technica 3 AT2020
Audio Technica 1 AT4040
Audio Technica 4 U853R
Audio Technica 2 AT4054
Sennheiser 1 E602
Earthworks 2 QTC1 now QTC40
Audix 4 M1245

Equipment available to audio production students (MUS 340)

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