Paul Meyer Reimer

Class schedule



Classes I am currently teaching at Goshen College or have taught in the past:

Phys 100

Physical World - last taught in 2012.

Phys 105

Physics & Engineering, First year seminar

Phys 204

General Physics: Electromagnetism and Optics

Phys 215 NW

Climate Change

Phys 313

Quantum Theory

Phys 410

Senior Science and Religion Seminar

Comm 326

Creating for the web - last taught in 2008.

Comm 385

Web Applications & Development - 2009

With Carl Meyer

Core 160

Energy & Environment

Math 170

Functions, Data, Modelling - last taught in 2016.

Math 211

Calculus I

Math 213

Multivariable Calculus

Study Service Terms

With Kathy Meyer Reimer