Dave McKean Bibliography

Dave McKean is a very prolific artist and graphic designer. He is best known for his comic book work; often working with the writer Neil Gaiman, creator of Sandman, of which Dave illustrated all of the covers. His work has received international critical praise because of his greatly varying techniques. He has worked with painted works, photography, sketches, sculpture and much more, often adding significant computer effects for enhancement.

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A good looking site and very good source for some of the various obscure Dave McKean works. Also has almost complete image collections of Black & White Lies, and Option: Click, Dave's CD covers, The Vertigo Tarot, and the comic book covers he has done for The Dreaming.

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The Art of Dave McKean
Another beautiful site with lots of various McKean Art. Collections of The Private View gallery, the Café des Amis du Mexique postcard set, the Anthropomorphic 1997 calendar and many of his other book and Graphic Novel covers.

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The Sandman Archives
A large image collection the Sandman comic book covers and most of the other comic book covers Dave has done for Neil Gaiman. The covers are displayed with a very cool Java program that spotlights the cover image where the cursor is at, a must see.

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Club Salsa
An inspired interactive web story illustrated by Dave. Great looking and fun to read.

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Adam's Dave McKean Site
Another site with a good variety of McKean art. Included in this site is a collection of Neil Gaiman short stories illustrated by Dave, the Café des Amis du Mexique postcard set, all of the Hellblazer comic book covers and artwork from the initial printing of Stephen King's book Wizard and Glass.

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The Vertigo Tarot
This site solely features The Vertigo Tarot. A painted Tarot card deck done by Dave.

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Andy's Dave McKean Art
Scans of five original McKean painted comic book panels owned by Andy.

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Aeron's McKean Page
A small collection of Dave's work, mostly Sandman cover art.

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Sandman (Mexico)
A Sandman page with scans of all of the covers to the Mexican printings of Sandman.

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Gomez Gallery
A site for a Boston art gallery that shows selections from Dave's works Option: Click and Black and White lies. You can also purchase available prints of the works from the gallery.

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Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Another gallery's site that features work from Option: Click.

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Dave McKean Comixography
An exhaustive and impressive bibliography of almost all of Dave's works. No Images.