The clay for the top of this stoneware stool was smashed between two pieces of canvas. For strength, the clay at the edge is about 3/4 inch thick. The clay slab was bent and straightened until it had an elephant skin look.  A few small pieces of clay were thrown down hard into the soft clay after texturing it. While still stuck to the canvas, it was placed on an old tire so the center would sag a bit to produce a concave top. After bisque firing, red iron oxide was used to color the top. The base is wheel thrown, decorated with iron and cobalt slips, and glazed with a mat beige colored glaze. The top is attached with the glaze used as glue in the joint fired to cone 9 reduction. I have fewer shrinkage cracks if I dry the parts individually and attach them with the glaze. 
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more texture on raku guinea 
or salt glazed dog

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