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3 topics and summaries assignment

For this assignment, you have not yet committed to a topic. You are at the brainstorming stage.

  • Browse the Intro & topics page. Choose 3 topics that sound interesting to you. You may pick a topic of your own choosing, but at least one topic should be from the list of topics.
  • See this list of suggested sources and research guides listed on that page.
  • Tip: If you don't already know how to search any particular website, here's an example:

    Tip: Save a pdf copy of each article you want to refer back to in a folder on your Google drive. If the article is in PDF form already great. Otherwise you can "Print to PDF" to save it that way. Then, using Notability, you can highlight it / mark it up / take notes on it.

    What you'll hand in

    Explore 3 possible topics. For each one:

    • Write up a topic title and 2-3 sentences describing the topic, and what you'd like to focus on.
    • Find, and then summarize 3 articles -- 1 for each of the possible topics.
      • You may use a bulleted list or write a few sentences.
      • Include *informal* bibliographic information (e.g. a URL to an online article): This is not bibliographic info like you'd include in a paper. However, enough information that your reader can find the article that you read.

    Indicate which of the 3 topics you currently find most interesting.